Paperback Writer

There’s an annoying cliched saying, often found cross-stiched onto cushions, or on “comedy” fridge magnets. “A Clean House Is A Sign Of A Wasted Life”.

At the moment, my house is spotless, which tells you everything you need to know. I’m trying to be positive and optimistic. I have time off work. Unexpected time off, certainly but it’s essentially a free holiday so I need to make the most of it.

Along with a significant proportion of the blogging population, I want to write a book someday. As I’m currently doing bugger all, it would seem that “someday” is never going to get better than this.

With that in mind, I moved the laptop through to the dining table and away from the telly. I made coffee, I found a notepad and pen, I got cushions to make sure I was sitting at a comfortable height, and waited for the muse to strike.

Several hours later, I’ve read a whole lot of writing blogs, established the best methods of plot and character development, and wondered if Ellen Page will play the main character when they make the movie. There’s always tomorrow, I suppose.

On an entirely unrelated note, I went to see Kick Ass lat night with some mates. I admit, I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. It’s a leeetle tiny bit too long, but entertaining enough. The violence is mostly gratuitous, jokes can be seen coming from miles off, there’s no plot as such, but as my mate D commented “it’s less crass than I thought”. I’m selling it well aren’t I? Put it this way, if I see it on DVD in Tesco, I’ll spend a fiver on it, so Le Homme can see it. What an endorsement, you can tell there’s no sponsors for this blog!


One response to “Paperback Writer

  1. The best writing help I ever got was ‘Prepare your story around three fundamental benchmarks. A captivating beginning, a mellow middle and an uncompromising conclusion. Everything else will follow’.

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