Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

Lovely day today.Le Homme and I took the bikes out for a spin in the gloriously warm sunny weather. 35 miles in total, with a stop for a bit of lunch. Highlights were all the flat bits. Not the uphills (too hard), not the downhills (too scary), but the fun, fizzy flat bits. We also saw a literally-just-born-seconds-ago-covered-in-gore lamb! Gross, but cute. In a wobbly sort of way.

Rolled home to home made lamb (yes, even after the acute) bhuna, naan, beer and our all time favourite – The West Wing.

Since I am clearly a total weirdo, I am finding it incredibly easy to relax on the weekend. It’s as though, because I’m allowed to be off work and enjoying myself, it’s ok. During the week? No, not so much. There must be a project, a thing, something productive. Just relaxing and reading a book is Not Acceptable. Still, I shall attempt to enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and worry about Monday on Monday.


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