Keep on, keepin’ on

I did actually have an upbeat post to regale you with today.

And then I read this

Why did I let this happen to me? by Times journalist Melanie Reid – “This is me. I’m dictating this because I lie imprisoned on a hospital bed. I’m here because, three weeks ago, I landed on my head and broke my neck. In the space of 15 minutes I have gone from someone whom I considered to be a fairly high-achieving mistress of her universe to what looks like a tetraplegic.”

Which frankly has just shamed me out of self pity.


4 responses to “Keep on, keepin’ on

  1. Jeez, that makes you think doesn’t it? I definitely feel a bit shamed. But at the same time, my friend M always reminds me that what I’m feeling is valid and even though other people are worse or better off, I’m still dealing with a little of crap and it’s ok to feel bad about it–I’m human. And so are you.

    • It’s true I have to acknowledge that my feelings are valid – after all, this poor woman won’t get any better just because I’ve stopped feeling sorry for myself!!

  2. I read that piece too but my reaction was very different. I thought ‘she shouldn’t have been jumping, she obviously couldn’t ride’. Is that uncharitable of me? Well yes, it is. I can be hateful sometimes.

    • I think we can all be a little hateful sometimes! Given that I have no experience with horses finding them a) large and b) scary, I didn’t really notice much about her riding ability. She does say she’s been riding for 15 years so can’t be that bad? A shitty thing to happen to anyone though.

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