A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front for the last wee while. Last week gave us glorious sunshine and I spent most of my time in the garden, reading and chilling out.

Friday saw the Day of Doom – I had my disciplinary hearing. Not fun. It wasn’t terrible, they were actually quite fair. I’m not optimistic about the outcome, mainly because I don’t think they appreciate a “reason” that consists of “I had a stupid moment”. There’s concern about whether I’d do it again, and I don’t think they’ll take a risk. I am awaiting the outcome in the post.

This week,  I have taken to bed in the manner of a Victorian heroine suffering from “nerves”. I have become inexplicably addicted to the classy teen drama One Tree Hill, thanks to the library’s DVD collection. Once again, I become racked with guilt at my lack of productivity. And at all the crisps. I have eaten so many crisps.


6 responses to “A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

  1. OTH is the best! Definitely helps with life’s funky moments. Good luck with the whole job thing.

  2. I’m 30 and definitely beyond the target market. But I only got into it a few years ago. The early seasons are much better than the newer stuff. It’s a good show to kill time with!

  3. Haven’t seen OTH but one of my favourite singer/songwriters has a part in it so that’s a positive on the balance sheet.

    Good luck with the disciplinary thing.

    I’m going out of my head applying for jobs – 88 yesterday and 45 so far today.

  4. Brennig–who’s your favorite singer in OTH?

  5. Kate Voegele, she plays a character called Mia. She’s really sweet, I interviewed her about a year ago.

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