Radio Gaga

Things on Radio 4 this morning:

Andrew Lincoln (who I’ve had a bit of a random crush on since he was Egg in “This Life”) was born Andrew Clutterbuck.

Florence Nightingale and Flaubert were once on the same boat at the same time on a trip down the Nile.

A story about a blind man and his brother who went on a trip to Western Australia. Which was interesting, but spoilt by the introduction in which he was referred to as “a retired IT manager”, making it difficult for me to focus on the rest as I was trying to imagine a blind IT manager. And then trying, and failing, to come up with a better career for a blind person.

Conclusion – random facts are fun. Seeing is useful.


2 responses to “Radio Gaga

  1. I miss listening to British radio. The radio stations here are just full of nonsense.

  2. I wish I could donate my whole BBC licence fee to the wonder that is Radio 4. You can hear a lot of the good stuff as podcasts, if you go to their website. I can heartily recommend “The Now Show”, which is topical comedy and satire.

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