Come fly with me

I simply do not have the energy today for any self-flagellating trauma as the rejection emails start trickling in. In some cases. In others, I have the joy of coming across a job that I’ve already applied for, and heard nothing about, being re-advertised. I mean – really? I don’t object to being passed over for someone more qualified/experienced, but being passed over fo no one? Ouch.

Anyway, today I shall draw your attention to this post, by the lovely Anna of Little Red Boat, which covers in wonderfully eloquent detail all the reasons for never, NEVER flying with Ryanair. I have never forgiven that shower of bastards for their utter lack of consideration during a fifteen hour delay leaving Sardinia. Our plane arrived (five hours late), passengers disembarked. Our luggage went on. Our luggage came off. We were told a crew member was sick and as policy dictates they have one crew member for every fifty (or so, I can’t actually remember) passengers, they couldn’t fly us home. So they flew the plane back. With no passengers. It actually still makes my blood boil now, three years later. I understood their point, but it was nearly midnight and there were unhappy children EVERYWHERE. There was one family with two children in wheelchairs, requiring medication that was stuck in their luggage. It was in their hold luggage because they couldn’t take all of it in Ryanair-approved carry-on luggage.

All I wanted to know then, and still want to know now, is why it wasn’t possible to take back the maximum number of passengers possible. We would happily have given up seats so that those with tired, miserable, sick young kids could go home. It wasn’t a fun wait for us by any means, but manageable.

Anyway. Go read Anna’s post. It’s much more entertaining than mine and less bitter.


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