It’s Got To Be…..

I am struggling with my perfectionist tendencies again. I wanted this blog to be an extension of my paper diary, but the knowledge that Actual People are reading, is freaking me out a little. That, combined with the utter fabulousness of the blogs I’ve been reading, creates a pressure that is not conducive to writing anything even vaguely entertaining/honest/inspiring.

Also, my days are a constant battle between my desire to stay in bed and eat biscuits and the need to spend hours looking for a job. None of which makes for entertaining blog fodder. Current stats stand at 61 jobs applications in, very few responded to, and one successful phone interview. Existential angst has been strong today, following a family wedding at the weekend. There were new people, and with new people comes the question “What do you do?”. Which is fun to answer when the truth is “Well, I had a pretty good job which used my BSc and my MSc, and paid pretty well. But then I got fired for misconduct and am now applying and being rejected for jobs which pay half my previous salary and whose advertisers can’t spell the word ‘rapport’. Anyway, how about you?”.

Sigh. Like I say, not entertaining or cheerful blog fodder, but I had to put something on the blank page.


3 responses to “It’s Got To Be…..

  1. Not going to share all of my job stats, but I’m still hitting 3 interviews a week. Not blogging about it though; to do so would be to plunge people in to a pit of despair. Instead I poke fun at others from behind my wall of secrecy.

    Bloody hell, that sounded deep!

    I love adverts littered with spelling mistakes. They give me faith in the fallibility of my fellow mankinders 🙂

    Keep up the jobsearching, you’ll get to be so good at it that someone will get jealous at your displayed skills and will give you a job just to stop you. That’s how it works, I think.

  2. Yeah, there’s one particular lady at a recruitment agency who is receiving about 10 copies of my CV every week. I figure that eventually, she’ll get so tired of me, she’ll put me forward for some interviews!

  3. I don’t know if it would be helpful to you in your quest, but is a good resource.

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