Hot Stuff

So, this is my yummy paella! Not quite a traditional paella but we enjoyed it. To make, you will require –

Chorizo – about 150g

Prawns – about 150g

Red onion – couple of mediumish size

Peppers – 1 green, 1 red & 1 yellow

Mushrooms – About 6 or 7

Rice – I used a packet (250g) of microwaveable wholegrain rice


Start off by chopping the chorizo into small (thumbnail size) pieces. Toss them into a frying pan on a low heat. Whilst you’re waiting for the chorizo to release its yummy oily goodness, dice the red onion and chop the mushrooms and peppers into chunks. After about 5 minutes, there should be plenty of oil in the pan from the chorizo, so throw in the onion and sweat it off until it’s soft. Mix in the veggies and toss around until they’re coated in the chorizo juice. Put the rice in the microwave and cook according to instructions. Toss the prawns into the veggie/chorizo mix and stir. Add the rice and mix everything together. Depending on how hungry you are, you could eat now, or to make it a little more traditional, give it 5 minutes without stirring, for the rice on the bottom of the pan to carmelise a little.

Works out at around 439 cals a serving.

So, a little less a paella, more a stir fry with chorizo and prawns, but super tasty. Takes about 20 minutes, which in my opinion makes it totally worth the shortcut of using microwave rice. Of course, you could use ordinary rice and start cooking it before you begin prepping the rest. You could also switch the veggies around to your own personal taste. Cherry tomatos would be nice, and most traditional paellas have peas in. With these sorts of recipes, I do tend to add in extra veggies, just to up the healthy nutrition content.


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