ATTACK of the killer tomatoes*

I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden, harvesting our potatoes. We’ve grown potatoes in our wee raised bed for the last couple of years with great success. We put in lots of “earlies” this year and had begun digging them up as required. The plants were beginning to look less than healthy though, so I decided to dig them all up yesterday. They store really well, tucked up in hessian Tesco bags and put in our wee cupboard at the bottom of the stairs.

Whilst digging, I noticed that some of the plants had wee green tomatos on them! I know you can graft tomato stems onto potato plants and grow both (which is pretty cool), but we’d never done this, so these are mystery tomatoes. I’ve left the plants in, to see if we would get actual tomatoes. A little research (I asked Dad) suggests that these are, in fact, seed pods, designed to increase the spread of the potato plant. Which is something I Did Not Know, but makes sense if you think about it. I’m now wondering if I can plant said seed pods and have more potatoes. Anything is possible, I guess, as we also have a lettuce which appears to be in flower.

*This technically counts as a song title, as it was the theme song for a kid’s cartoon of the same name. It was on the BBC around the late eighties/early nineties (I think) and featured angry mutant tomatoes, bent on destroying everything that humanity holds dear. There were two kids endlessly embroiled in battling these mutant tomatoes, aided by a wee baby tomato plant, that was still in a plant pot, if  I recall correctly.


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