I’m soooooo tired/ I haven’t slept a wink

Not a very happy bunny today, due to a horrible nights sleep. I don’t mind going to bed late or having to get up early, but last night was a night of tossing and turning and wriggling around. It was really not very restful. Not helped by the fact that there was a traumatised moth in our bedroom, battering itself off of every available surface. Including us. When the light came on, the moth would disappear. When the light went off, there’d be a sneaky little fluttering on the pillow. Of course, because it’s the middle of the damn night, my head starts freaking out. I’m waiting to wake up with a moth at the back of my throat or worse, In My Ear. I think there was a ER episode where some woman had to get some kind of flying thing removed from her ear, which was just totally creepy. So I’m not particularly comfortable, and on the other side of the bed, Le Homme is snoring peacefully, blissfully unaware of the moth doing a victory lap on his forehead. I gave up at about two o’clock, and went through to the spare room. It didn’t help much, I was still awake at three with the regular stress and worries. Feel asleep eventually, but I’m not feeling my best today. Will be going for a good run later I think. Totally can’t be arsed, but I think I need to get myself physically exhausted, as well as mentally.


One response to “I’m soooooo tired/ I haven’t slept a wink

  1. I’ve been having the same problem sans moth. Weird. Here’s to a better night tonight!

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