Love of the loveless

Have been moseying around on a few blogs, and come across the fabulous Green Ink, one of those blogs that you look at and think “I wanna be YOU!”.

Anyway, something she did, back in the day was Things I Love Thursday. Since I’m so down on the Whole World at the moment, I figured it was probably a good idea to put some love out there.

So Things I Love, this Thursday, July 22nd.

  • My Bed. So big, so comfy. A wonderful place to be when you feel sick or sad. Has never let me down.
  • My bike. Such a cute little machine. Looks like a proper racer, only small when compared to the big boys. Makes me feel like I’m a kid again.
  • Summer. Blue skies, sunshine, warm grass, lazy days.
  • The Sea. In any weather.
  • Being at the top of a hill in Glencoe. Actually, the top of a hill anywhere, but Glencoe’s my favourite.
  • My iPod. As someone who vividly remembers taping songs off the Radio 1 Chart Show every week, all that music in so tiny a space shall never cease to amaze. Also, it’s a fun blue colour.
  • Blogging. That feeling of being connected to other people while in Real Life you haven’t left the house for four days.
  • Books. And books and books and books and books. And having a house full of them.
  • My house. Where every room is almost the way I want it. And I don’t have to share it with anyone, other than Le Homme.
  • Exercise. Those times when it feels like fun.

I think I shall go, strap on my iPod and head out on the bike for a couple of hours.


2 responses to “Love of the loveless

  1. I feel very fortunate. Yesterday I met Petite Anglaise, Girl With A One Track Mind, Jonny B, Cliff, Mr Angry, Troubled Diva and Smaller Than Life. Since starting blogging, Petite, Girl, Jonny, Smaller Than Life and I have all had books published.

    I felt overawed to be in the company of people who, essentially, helped start the British blogging scene. And they were all, without exception, genuinely nice people.

  2. Wow! That’s quite a rolecall. It’s good to know that “popular” = nice in the blogging world.

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