When the going gets tough

Urgh. I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging much about the job search but have just hit minor panic mode.

I applied for a job as a trainee recruitment consultant, and got a phone message to say they were interested and could I call back. Phoned back and was subjected to an impromptu 30 minute phone interview. It went really really well, but then there was the whole “dismissed from previous job” thing. The woman who interview me was lovely, but basically said that if I don’t get progressed to a face-to-face interview, it’ll be because of that. I had a laugh with her, demonstrated all the key competencies and basically prostrated myself at her feet (but she couldn’t see that on the phone). She said she would discuss it with her colleagues but also that she had some other interviews. I got the general impression that if it’s a “no”, it’ll be a quick response. The longer it takes, the better. So once again, I wait for a response that I can’t influence any further. Aaaargh.


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