Monthly Archives: August 2010

Catch My Disease

Being bored and unemployed has a number of disadvantages. Top of the list this week is the fact that it causes you to say “Yes” when you would normally say “No chance!”.

Like when your husband asks you to help him out with some work. And you end spending six hours in the pissing rain measuring trees. It was actually quite entertaining and I enjoyed being out of the house. Problem is, I now have a totally stinking cold and am feeling very sorry for myself.

I finally have a confirmed job offer (subject to references and credit check) and will be starting a training course in late September. I don’t know if it’s the career for me, but it will provide the cash required to allow me some breathing space to pursue other options in my free time. I’m looking ahead to a month filled with getting my head sorted out, getting cracked on with writing a novel and trying to lose the muffin top that’s developed in five months of watching telly and eating biscuits.

Naturally, having planned a whole Routine with great enthusiasm, I am utterly incapable of putting any of it into practise, being only good for impressions of Rudolph, and the 100m snotty tissue challenge. Which is fun.

Of course the advantage of being unemployed is that being ill gives legitimate reason to staying in bed and eating biscuits. Normally, I’d have grumpily slogged off to work and spread my cheerful germs amongst my co-workers. Instead, I’m grumpily sending text messages to all and sundry updating them about the state of the sniffles. Be glad I still haven’t figured out Twitter….


Here come the girls…

It seems, these days, that every time I’m just about to pull myself out of a funk, something crappy happens. And not Big Crappy either. Just rubbish, silly things that are beyond my control and make me want to retire to bed. I was sitting down to some Real Blogging, to say some stuff that’s been whirling in my mind for days. I was sitting down to work on a Plan, make some decisions, email some people. I was sitting down to do a budget, so I wouldn’t worry so much about everything.

But first, I checked my Facebook. And I found out that, at the Hen Night I’m attending on Saturday, there will be a girl I really really don’t like. For a myriad of reasons, but it essentially comes down to she was mean to me. We shared a house with some other girls (including the Hen) and she turned them against me, and made out that it was all my fault. We all stayed friends as a loose group, but she pretty much spoiled my last year of uni. I wasn’t a girly girl then, and am not now, and don’t really understand the type of bitchy, underhand behaviour she was into. I know it was a result of her low self-esteem, and a peace of sorts was reached, but I’m still not wholly comfortable with actually seeing her again. I’ve kept in touch with the other girls, most of whom will be there, but she’s kept in better touch with them. I guess I’m just scared that I’ll wind up spending money I don’t have on a miserable night out, feeling ostracised and uncomfortable. I’ve committed now, so don’t want to back out at the last minute.

I guess I just need to spend the next couple of days working on my own self-esteem, so that I don’t feel undermined by her. Nice idea in theory, huh?


I don’t have any exciting reasons for not having blogged recently. I’ve had some fun weekends, and a lot of time out on my bike. I’ve had some interviews for some terrible jobs (call centre anyone?), and some general apathy towards life.

However. I have a new project, borne out of the Creativity Challenge. My original creative plan was to photograph the meals I cook and post the photos and recipes here. That didn’t go so well. Firstly, my Dad borrowed the SLR camera and second-and-lastly, I ran out of enthusiasm. I also had reservations about this blog being a food blog. Or sometimes being a food blog and sometimes not. Consequently, I have set up a food blog. I’m not going to tell you where it is yet, as it still a work in progress. Because I spent three days making it look pretty and faffing around with CSS and all sorts of mysterious computery things and then WordPress decided to entirely replace the theme I had so painstakingly customised. Thanks for that.

All being well, it should be up and running pretty soon, and I’m excited to have a project again. I’m not sure that it’s my Grand Passion. But’s a passion.