I don’t have any exciting reasons for not having blogged recently. I’ve had some fun weekends, and a lot of time out on my bike. I’ve had some interviews for some terrible jobs (call centre anyone?), and some general apathy towards life.

However. I have a new project, borne out of the Creativity Challenge. My original creative plan was to photograph the meals I cook and post the photos and recipes here. That didn’t go so well. Firstly, my Dad borrowed the SLR camera and second-and-lastly, I ran out of enthusiasm. I also had reservations about this blog being a food blog. Or sometimes being a food blog and sometimes not. Consequently, I have set up a food blog. I’m not going to tell you where it is yet, as it still a work in progress. Because I spent three days making it look pretty and faffing around with CSS and all sorts of mysterious computery things and then WordPress decided to entirely replace the theme I had so painstakingly customised. Thanks for that.

All being well, it should be up and running pretty soon, and I’m excited to have a project again. I’m not sure that it’s my Grand Passion. But’s a passion.


One response to “M.I.A

  1. Any passion is good!

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