Summer’s Gone

I said yesterday that I’m using my free time in September to lose weight and get fitter. There’s a whole unwritten post based on that one sentence, but this is not that post.

This post is about getting too smug for your own damn good. See, I’ve been prowling around all the healthy living blogs, seeking out like-minded people and reading their thoughts on health, fitness and getting one’s shit together. I found the lovely Stacey at The Habit of Healthy asking questions about running in the winter and inclement weather. Having trained for two marathons over the worst of Scottish winters, I felt pretty qualified to send a few tips her way. Tips which pretty much boiled down to “Ach, it doesn’t rain that much, get yourself some weatherproof gear and get out there! You won’t melt!”. All of which I wholeheartedly believe in.

I am SO GOOD with the theory. You see, I’ve set myself a goal to do 30 minutes of exercise every day in September. It’s not always hardcore exercise, yesterday I went to a yoga class for an hour, but it’s something. 30 minutes, minimum, of focusing on my health and my body. Today, I’m supposed to go for a run. Or some other form of cardiovascular exercise. Tuesday nights are normally running club nights, but I have a date with Le Homme to watch Scotland lose a football match to a diddy team from Eastern Europe. So I figured I’d go for a run this morning, come home, soak in the bath for a while and then settle down to write.

But. It’s RAINING. Really raining. And blustering. It is not summer anymore, and it is NOT NICE out there. I could go to the gym, but by the time I’ve walked there, I’ll be pretty damn wet. So I might as well go for a run. With my good gear on, because I won’t melt.



2 responses to “Summer’s Gone

  1. You could be talking to me about running in the rain. Summer is gone and fall rain is here to stay. I really don’t want to go running in the rain and wind, but I won’t melt 🙂

  2. johnnytownmouse

    I kind of liking running in the rain, if it isn’t really heavy. Beats running in the humidity! The worst run I ever did was in the winter when it was about minus ten (it gets COLD here) and I decided to go anyway. It did an out-and-back and at the turnaround I thought I was going to die! Sometimes, I make really dumb decisions. But hey, well done for getting out there in the rain – hope you had a good run! Are you thinking of doing another marathon? I’ve done one and I planned to do another, but now I’m not sure I have enough enthusiasm 🙂

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