Is it because I lied when I was 17?

Last week, I found myself inexplicably grumpy and tired. And then every post I started wasn’t quite right, and I would stop and think “I’ll come back to this later”.

A weekend spent at the Alnwick food and beer festival with friends, gave me a stonking hangover but renewed determination to return to a happier state of mind. Convinced I needed merely to “fake it till you make it”, I worked off my hangover on Sunday by cleaning the house in a proper, scrubbing-floors-and-skirting-boards kind of way. I greeted Monday by getting up at a reasonable hour, going for a run and settling myself to really crack on with some writing.

And then the phone rang.

Turns out the lovely people at the High Street bank which had offered me a position are, in fact, rejecting my application. As my previous reference states I was dismissed for “gross misconduct”, the computer says no. I was not pleased. I jumped through hoops for a few hours, discussing the situation with various people. It’s still a no.

Am gutted. I’d begun to talk myself into this as a potential career, looking at future options for training and now it’s all fecked. I’m frustrated too, as I discussed the whole situation at interview, and was assured it wouldn’t be an issue.

The teeny, tiny ray of light is that I am appealing against the decision to dismiss me made by my previous employer. If I can persuade them to reduce “gross misconduct” to “misconduct”, then I am still in with a chance with the bank. This is timely information as my appeal hearing is tomorrow, so I have something to really focus on.

Am too tired to be optimistic, I shall aim for something above apathetic.


4 responses to “Is it because I lied when I was 17?

  1. Oh man. I’m sorry. I hope they reduce it.

  2. Oh. I’m sorry to hear this, I thought you’d turned a corner. I’m still looking too; interviews still coming at an average of two a week. Fingers crossed all round.

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