Worry Rock

Today I am choosing to worry about something else which is entirely beyond my control. The potential loss of £95.

See, towards the end of August, I ordered a couple of dressed from the Oasis website. I didn’t especially like either of them, so decided to send them back. They fitted back in the bag they’d arrived in, and I shoved them in our local postbox. This was two weeks ago, and I have not yet received a refund. I have ordered stuff from this website before and not had a problem with sending stuff back in the same way, and getting a refund. I can’t remember how long it took, but have a feeling it wasn’t this long. Or maybe it was and I just didn’t notice because I wasn’t quite so hyper aware of every penny coming in and going out of our bank account.

I’m worried because I couldn’t be arsed going to the post office to post it and therefore have no proof I sent them back. I’m pissed off because if I was going to spend £95, I’d like to keep the clothes. I’ve emailed the store, and am awaiting a response.

I guess this counts as some kind of psychological displacement activity; worrying about the loss of £95, instead of the fact that I’ve just lost a job that paid me significantly more than that.


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