But I won’t do that…

I finally crumbled and filled out a ridiculously long form to sort out claiming job seekers allowance. We don’t NEED the cash, but our savings (not huge to start off with) are dwindling, and I may as well contribute something to the household.

I am utterly fed up with job applications. I’ve sent off a whole bunch for temporary Christmas positions and they keep coming back with a “no”. I do not understand this AT ALL. I can understand some people being put off by my MSc, as I am clearly over-qualified for those positions, but it’s temporary Christmas work!! Most of the applications haven’t even addressed my most recent working history, so it can’t be the dismissal part that’s freaking them out.

I’m bloody miserable about the whole situation frankly. Everytime my hopes are raised, they’re dashed again. It puts me off even applying for things, as it takes so much time and effort, and then I’m rejected anyway. I can’t and don’t believe there are people who can do these jobs better than I could. I just need someone to give me an opportunity before I go totally mental.

I’m not working in KFC though. Not no way, not no how.


3 responses to “But I won’t do that…

  1. For lower-end jobs, there’s an art to leaving stuff off the CV. Hopefully I’m going to get a positive result on Monday to an interview I had on Thursday.

  2. Hmmm, that’s definitely the way forward. I’ve restructered it to focus more on my retail experience, rather than my recent work.
    Hope you got a good result on Monday!

  3. I agree–no KFC. Retail jobs suck but at least its some income. Like Brenning suggested, maybe take off some of you qualifications?

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