Tiddly Pom

It’s incredibly cold outside. We braved the snow this morning to head to the gym and the supermarket. Siege mentality was hitting the shoppers of Perth, as I witnessed several trolley-loads of tinned, dried and frozen goods being rushed into the boots of waiting 4x4s.

Our trip was succesful and we spent a leisurely Sunday watching the football (Le Homme), making chocolate brownies and an orange loaf and reading the paper in front of the fire (both of us). I also made a stupendously good chicken casserole, the leftovers of which shall be added to some pasta for tomorrow’s dinner. Which makes me feel really, terribly, smug.

Also spent some time this weekend with the lovely chocolate people which was fun. I feel like the owner, P and manager, C, have a very similar outlook on food, and on retail, as my own which makes for a very easy life as I’ll be able to work well with them on an intuitive level. Am far less enthused about some of the other staff (one was heard to remark “Oooh, I’m just mad, me”). I shall stay focused on the many blessings though, the greatest being that someone is going to pay me to make chocolate truffles all day, for a small independent shop, using only the best ingredients they can find. No artificial nothing. Hurrah!

Shall be back at the Other Place (posh Scottish retail) for the rest of this week however, pottering around in Mail Order. Whatever that entails.


One response to “Tiddly Pom

  1. Yum, that sounds like a divine place to work!

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