Monthly Archives: December 2010

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Oh, this is so not the last time I’ll be using that title.

I’d like to say that my recent silence has been because I’ve been incredibly busy, working, having fun etc etc. That is partly true, but the main reason is an amazingly painful right shoulder/arm, brought on by a snowy driveway cleaning epic. It has snowed and snowed and snowed since my last post. And then it got very, very, very cold. I was reading blog posts written by some lucky Southerners who were bemoaning the “barely above zero temperatures”. To which I can only respond: “ZERO! We dream of zero! Zero sounds positively balmy when it’s a nose-hair freezing -13 degrees celsius!”. Seriously, cold.

I spent three hours clearing our driveway on Saturday and have done something nasty to my shoulder, which has resulted in me spending the rest of the week sporting a rather festive sparkly scarf/sling. I don’t know what I’ve done, but anything involving arm movements (cooking, cleaning, reading, typing) either hurts or causes a low dull ache in that arm for a couple of hours. Which is aggravating, not least because I keep thinking it’s getting better and then performing some vital task (washing my hair), only to wind up in pain for the next four hours. I’m avoiding painkillers, simply because pain is the body’s way of going “STOP!” and painkillers stop you feeling that. After nearly a week, rest is not helping so I’ve got an appointment with the lovely sports physio dudes on Monday.

Most frustratingly, I find I have lots of things to blog about (books, the awesomeness that is Masterchef Australia, seeing James Naughtie and Alistair Campbell at the Lennoxlove book festival, fitness, marathons, porridge, and the joys of having a real fire to make bread) and can’t face the incredibly tedious left hand typing.

Have a lovely, warm and pain-free weekend my lovelies, and please forgive the typos.