Monthly Archives: February 2011

My Manic & I

Once again, I sit here feeling like I really should blog. But not quite sure why.

I spend my days composing endlessly witty posts about the World At Large and my own small part in it. Terribly amusing though they are, these posts never see the light of laptop screen as by the time I get home all the pretty words have fallen from my brain. I’m not sure if I want to blog as much as I want to be a blogger and be part of a whole internet “gang”. But then, I think of the honest-to-goodness joy I get from reading my old paper diaries, and previous now defunct blogs.

So I shall carry on, I think. It feels odd though, a bit stage-frightery, a bit pointless. Like when you begin an anecdote at a party and then are interrupted by some uncommonly rude individual and you just sort of peter out awkwardly, never reaching the punchline.

A challenge then. To write some words here, every day, for the rest of February. What words, I don’t yet know. Suffice to say there is unlikely to be any kind of theme, plan, or general purpose. Which might not be a bad thing.