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As Is Now

Today I:

  • Went to work for a few hours even though it was my scheduled day off, (surprise! Chocolate shop in gets-busy-at-Easter shocker!) to make some truffles and bake a banana loaf.
  • Waited as the bus went on an extremely long route going past my house twice, in order to get to Morrison’s to pick up some vital basics (deodorant, tin foil).
  • Stood in shock and awe at the shiny shiny new chiller cabinets in Morrisons, and the thrilling contents therein. Peppers stuffed with cream cheese! A variety of flavoured couscous! Satay chicken on a stick!*
  • Bought a variety of chilled goods.
  • Remembered small tins of tonic for gin.
  • Forgot the deodorant and tin foil.
  • Came home, sat in the garden for three hours reading Joanne Harris’ new novel blueeyedboy.**
  • Dozed off listening to BBC 6Music, and the increasingly aggressive pigeon.
  • Returned to the house to cook tomorrow’s dinner (lamb rogan josh), and tonight’s (pork steaks, new potatoes and homemade coleslaw).
  • Sipped a G&T whilst listening to the News Quiz on Radio 4 and writing this here blog.

A satisfactory day, in its own unexciting way. Hope you’re all enjoying a Great Good Friday.

*I did not buy chicken on a stick. That is not a happy chicken.

**compulsive but underwhelming.


Heard the news today, oh boy

See what I did there? Promised a post every day and then disappeared for six weeks. I’m nothing if not inconsistent. Excuses this time center around my stupid shoulder. The one that I knackered back in December whilst clearing snow drifts from the driveway. It never really got better, and at the time I last posted, was causing me to dose up on painkillers before I went to bed,  so the pain wouldn’t wake me. I finally got myself organised and took myself off to a physio who did some funky crunchy things to my neck, gave me a back rest, prescribed a series of stretching moves and forbade me from doing the following: sitting too long at the computer, sitting on the couch to watch tv, reading in bed and having a bath. As I spend around 90% of my leisure time engaged in one or other of these activities, it’s been a boring few weeks. He was right though, and I can swivel my neck around like a little owl. I can also now sit at my laptop without searing pains shooting down my arm, which is the reason you come to be treated to this delightful little blog today.

I can’t quite believe it’s April already, I feel a little discombobulated, as though the world just kept turning for a while there and I wasn’t paying any attention. I think that’s a feature of the long dark winter, a little bit of my brain dips into hibernation mode and I feel a little like I’m waking up, and going “Huh? Wha..?”. I’m thrilled to bits about Spring in all it’s springyness though, even if it is currently drizzling outside.