Smile Like You Mean It

Oooofft, I’m  busy busy busy these days. I find it slightly bizarre just how much sheer energy work takes from me. I keep trying to increase my exercise to increase my energy but it doesn’t seem to be working. Which is frustrating as I am tired of feeling tired. Compared to this time last year, however, I’m feeling far more mentally energetic.

Blogs posts and thoughts for the future to include:

  • Why I’m not running the Edinburgh Marathon
  • How I got a bit fat and what I plan to do about it
  • What I’m doing at work and my new career change plans
  • Why I want a car
  • Possibly some resolutions. Too late to be referred to as New Years’
  • Why I have an intense hatred of Sheryl Crow
  • Other stuff. Probably.

Now I’m off to roll my poor tired wee legs on my funky foam roller, and have a peaceful evening with my book.


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