Monthly Archives: June 2011


I’m quite amused by a comment I made on this blog back in January, announcing my lack of New Years’ resolutions, and instead having a “vague, general intention to not be quite so rubbish”. It’s now June, and I haven’t improved in the slightest. Perhaps vague intentions are not sufficient for providing an impetus for change. Who knew?

Instead, there has been a notable lack of progress in most areas of my life. I’m still fatter, poorer and more tired than I would like. I have not improved my personal administration in any way, shape or form, choosing instead to lose my wallet, necessitating a number of form-filling episodes. This has culminated in my having to inform the DVLA that not only are my name, address and photo on my driver’s license woefully out of date, but that I have sadly lost said license. They now want me to parcel up every piece of paper that identifies me and send it to them, forthwith. I’m not thrilled at the prospect of sending my birth and marriage certificates, passport and recent photograph off to a government-run agency. Call me pessimistic, and you can, but I have a bad feeling about the health and well-being of that envelope.