I’m in my late twenties, married (to Le Homme), and have blogged in various forms for years. After a number of close calls with people from my Real Life finding and reading things I’d written (occasionally of a sensitive nature), I stopped.

I’ve started this one because I’m going through some difficult stuff, and I miss the reassurance and sense of community that blogging gives. Sure I can call some friends and tell them what I’m going through but there’s something about just putting it out there, into the world, that makes it feel like those feelings aren’t yours anymore. It would also be nice if it makes someone else feel better someday. To see me go through something difficult and come out the other side.

As an aside, let me just point out that the picture in the header is MINE, taken by me in the Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand, sometime in early 2005.

As a further aside, I’ve developed a habit of trying to make sure each post title is a song lyric. This is quite possibly a terrible idea as it’s already driving me mental. It does explain why they can sometimes seem a little random though.


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