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Another Run Around The Sun

Let’s pretend it’s not actually, ahem, January 5th. Let’s pretend it is, in fact, January 3rd. The day which I had selected to be the Bright New Day. It was the first Real Day of the New Year! It was a Monday! It was so shiny and bright with promise!

Until I awoke feeling really, terribly ill a little bit poorly, and spent the  day on the sofa watching the first season of Heroes (remember when Heroes was good? It was, once, long ago), interspersed with some light dusting and thinking about how I should really get on with making some resolutions/goals/intentions for the year ahead. I have none of these. I have a general, vague intention to not be quite so rubbish. Specifically relating to; personal admin (bank statements, application forms for anything, library books, medical appointments, scary letters, non scary letters, etc, etc) personal fitness (seem to have signed up for another bloody Marathon, also woefully unfit for skiing holiday which commences in 3 days time)   and mental health (using food as coping mechanism, being miserable/cross/anxious 80% of the time, distracting self with tv/radio/books to the point that any kind of silence is untenable). There are probably other deeply unsatisfactory elements of my character which could do with being better, before we lap the sun again and I’m forced to confront 2012 in all my glory.


Actually, I do think that having some plans and ideas put in place could help immensely with my main goal, which is really to try to enjoy this year. I can only really relax when tasks are complete and my “to do” list is empty. Creating some goals I want to achieve rather than those I think I should, means that the wee voice inside that says “Yes, but shouldn’t you….” can be answered with either an “Actually, maybe I will” or a “No, no I shouldn’t. Cos I don’t WANT to”.

Theoretically.  Perhaps. We’ll see.


All Is Quiet

Evening all.

We are having quite a lovely first day of the New Year, curled up in front of the fire with our books, a Jamie Oliver inspired steak sandwich dinner is forthcoming as are wine and cheese.

Christmas was hectic, frazzled, and whilst not entirely unpleasant, kind of tiring. I was home for around twelve hours before I was back at work on Monday, which has been busy, but actually quite good fun. I had a smug moment as I was dancing around the kitchen, making chocolate muffins and thinking “Hee! I’m getting paid for this!”. By Friday evening though, the last thing I felt like doing was heading off to a Hogmanay bash. I’m glad we did though, as our charming friends threw a splendid gathering, which was incredibly chilled out and low key.

It was an honest joy to wake in our own bed this morning, safe in the knowledge that there was no need to bloody drive anywhere, and I was entirely revived by the holy trinity of coffee, bacon and irn bru. If the rest of the year goes as well as today, I shall be a happy little camper indeed.

No further introspection or resolutions for me today. Instead, as my sister said earlier – Happy New Year. May 2011 be full of fun and frolics.