Heard the news today, oh boy

See what I did there? Promised a post every day and then disappeared for six weeks. I’m nothing if not inconsistent. Excuses this time center around my stupid shoulder. The one that I knackered back in December whilst clearing snow drifts from the driveway. It never really got better, and at the time I last posted, was causing me to dose up on painkillers before I went to bed,  so the pain wouldn’t wake me. I finally got myself organised and took myself off to a physio who did some funky crunchy things to my neck, gave me a back rest, prescribed a series of stretching moves and forbade me from doing the following: sitting too long at the computer, sitting on the couch to watch tv, reading in bed and having a bath. As I spend around 90% of my leisure time engaged in one or other of these activities, it’s been a boring few weeks. He was right though, and I can swivel my neck around like a little owl. I can also now sit at my laptop without searing pains shooting down my arm, which is the reason you come to be treated to this delightful little blog today.

I can’t quite believe it’s April already, I feel a little discombobulated, as though the world just kept turning for a while there and I wasn’t paying any attention. I think that’s a feature of the long dark winter, a little bit of my brain dips into hibernation mode and I feel a little like I’m waking up, and going “Huh? Wha..?”. I’m thrilled to bits about Spring in all it’s springyness though, even if it is currently drizzling outside.


3 responses to “Heard the news today, oh boy

  1. Glad to see you back and that you’re feeling better!

  2. So good to have you back. It’s been far too long. Glad you’re feeling better and YAY for Spring. I love it too!

  3. It’ll be May in a couple of weeks. Time’s running away with the year.

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